Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The Ware Shoals BioClub is located at Ware Shoals High School in Ware Shoals, SC. Our school was one of the places where the movie Leatherheads was filmed a couple of years ago, but that is another story! Our chapter is off to a great and enthusiastic start. The officers were elected at the first meeting, and the students were ready to get to work. In fact, I had to convince them that scheduling a meeting every day was a little bit excessive, so we finally agreed to meet on the first and third Mondays of every month.

There are several projects that the group is working on during the year. One is working with the Art Club to construct tortoise and aquatic turtle habitats on campus that will be used by local schools and the community. The group is also attempting to breed poison dart frogs to help promote the Year of the Frog. Additionally, they will visit a couple of local elementary/primary schools later in the year to show/explain several snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. that they are maintaining in the classroom.

These students are very excited about the entire BioClub concept, and they think that it is very neat to be part of a national organization. Check back later to see how things are going with our outdoor habitats construction project.

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