Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The NABT club at Northridge High School has had a great year. The 52 members have raised money to pay for their paper recycling project. They also collect cans and bottles in the school weekly. They are creating an informational DVD to help get other NABT clubs created in our area. It will be distributed in April to area schools. Earth Week will be wonderful with a recycled sculpture contest, corporation wide. We are also adopting 4 endangered species and trying to buy clean air credits. They are also reading environmental trivia and helpful hints on the announcements. They have obtained 100 trees and are passing them out to people who can use them. There will also be a car pooling contest for earth week. Lots of fun and educational too--Dawn Kessler, BioClub Advisor

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project: Adopt and Save a Baby Bonobo

Students in Minnetonka Biology Club are working to make and sell buttons and magnets to raise funds to Adopt and SAVE Baby Bonobos! All sales proceeds will go directly to adopt baby bonobos orphaned by the bush meat trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo/native habitat to the Bonobos. For more information see the following links: