Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skyline High School Biology Club

Hello to all!

Here in the pacific northwest in Sammamish, Washington (a suburb of Seattle) we have a strong biology club foundation. Our club was founded 4 years ago and has grown each year. This year we are proud to be an official NABT bio club!

We hold meetings monthly. Our first meeting was primarily logistics at which students sign up for the club, order t-shirts, and plan the years activities. Our second meeting, held yesterday, was a sheep brain dissection. Based on the enthusiasm in the room, we may have a solid new crop of neurosurgeons in the future!

In November we will be preforming an ELISA test. For December, we will be taking a trip to the local science center to view the Lucy fossil. In January we participate in the Biology Olympiad and have a guest speaker from a local bio-research firm. Beyond that, our activities not planned.

best to you, and remember... Biology for Life!

Gretel von Bargen

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