Monday, October 27, 2008

EcoAction at Saltsburg

Hi, All!

Here at Saltsburg High School (PA), we have less than 400 students (7-12) and 20+ of them belong to EcoAction. If you're keeping score at home, that's 5% of our student body that participates actively in our club! We are the ONLY club in existence at our school. When I started here, three years ago, students approached me to start a biology/ecology based club and EcoAction was born. Our club is completely student managed. The president starts the meetings and committees take over from there. I'm proud to be their sponsor.

In the past years, we have started a very successful recycling program at our school, brought in speakers and activities for Earth Week, participated in the Environthon, and more. During our meetings, we do activities and experiments of the students's choosing. We also produce the school's talent show as a fundraiser on the side.

We are currently trying to put together the funding to build a greenhouse facility as part of our school's upcoming building project, so keep your fingers crossed. Also, this year, we hope to get out to do some letter boxing/geocaching in our area and have the chace to place a letterbox of our own. At the end of the year, we're taking a canoe trip down the river (Saltsburg is on the Kiskiminetas) to a place where we're going to camp overnight; it should be great fun!

We're happy to be a BioClub and look forward to working with all of you to develop our club further. Check out our website at:


Rodger Moore said...

Looks great! We have a greenhouse at my school but is rarely if ever used. We have put a lot into fixing it up but maybe we can share ideas?

Rodger Moore

George Sellers said...

A greenhouse can be a great addition to any science program. I have always had one and have always used them all year long. I am impressed with what all your group is doing; keep us posted about the canoe trip. The types of activities that you are doing with your students will influence them for many years to come. Your website is very nice--keep up the great work.