Sunday, October 19, 2008

University of Chicago Lab Schools Aquarium Project

This is our 350 gallon, only filled to 180, in class swamp. We grow mangroves, not always successfully though, tropic latitude fish, crustaceans, etc. My students built the stand and refinished the aquarium. The person from whom we purchased the tank (thank you ebay), used it for tortoises and had drilled several holes in the bottom. Over a year later and so far no flooding on the first floor beneath me!

An in-class environment goes a long long way to attract would-be members of a club and win some hard fought battles with students who might not otherwise be motivated in biology class.



Rodger Moore said...

Hello Daniel:

I have a 200 gallon saltwater tank off my classroom which I wrote a grant for a few years back. It is taking too much time for me so this is one way I am (like you) getting students motivated to join the club!

Daniel said...

I love gigantic aquaria but I love them more when students do a lot of the work involved.