Monday, May 3, 2010

Douglas High BioClub

The BioClub of Douglas High School in Douglas, Alabama has 86 members. Our club participates in many altruistic events through out the year. Our club does not have a requirement for altruism but many of our members are very aware of the needs of our community and surrounding areas. We take a trip to Six Flags each year during the Science and Math days in April. Members must earn the right to purchase tickets by participating in at least two altruistic events during the year. We have great participation among our members, we take around 52 students each year to Six Flags.

Our BioClub has participated in many events at our school this year. We work with the Chorus Director of our school to help make an awesome Veteran's Day Event. We help each year by providing paper products and the students themselves volunteer their time during school and after school to make it possible.

The BioClub has an annual Tree Planting Ceremony. Each year the club honors a retiring teacher by planting a tree or beautification around sidewalks, and holds a breakfast with special speakers to honor that teacher. This year the club honored Mrs. June Jenkins shown below with club officers and student speaker.

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bioclub said...

What a great year for you guys!! Keep up the wonderful work.