Thursday, March 4, 2010

East Chapel Hill High Scores!

Our large club has been very busy with competitions this year! We placed third in the state at our first ever Ocean Bowl competition. Then we placed third in the state in the Science Bowl competition (sponsored by the Department of Energy). This is a very tough collection of schools so we were pleased with our third place finish. Our JV team came in 4th so we are hopeful for next year. Then 70 students went to nearby Greensboro on February 20th for the Regional Science Olympiad competition. Our varsity team came in first and 2 of our 3 JV teams came in 1st and 2nd among all JV teams. We have had many late afternoon study sessions. If you were here, you would see students out in the commons testing trajectories and mousetrap cars, groups of students in lab aprons and goggles testing powders for Forensics, students at computers studying bird calls for Ornithology, students poring over websites to prepare for Disease Detectives, and students cramming for the Cell Biology event. It is fun, lively, and littered with pizza boxes! This is an entirely student-led club. Our success this year are due to an incredible group of officers!

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bioclub said...

Congratulations on a very active year! What a fantastic experience for the members of your group.