Thursday, February 11, 2010

Local Trappers Teach Students about Wildlife

Dryden High School is located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. This is the second year that we have organized a BioClub, but only our first attempt at blogging!
The DHS BioClub has a distinct environmental slant to it. The students in this club are working hard to prepare for a regional Envirothon -this involves regular, weekly meetings, guest speakers, field trips and workshops. Last November (before the temperature plummeted to 30 degrees below zero C), the club headed out to a local trap line to learn about wildlife habitat. The trappers walked the students through a variety of forest types to describe how, where and when they set their traps for specific animal species. What a wonderful way to learn first hand about animal habitats!
Last week we followed up on our bush visit with an indoor trapping workshop. Students had the opportunity skin martin, beaver, muskrat and squirrel - with expert trappers on hand to assist. They also took some time learn how to identify local animal species by looking at pelts, skulls and teeth.

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