Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rain Garden/Green Wall

The Vincennes University Biology club has had a great year. We applied for and were awarded a GreenVU grant to build a rain garden and a green wall. We were able to get matching funding from the Knox County United Way because it was a water quality project. We also got funding from the student government association to make the project even better. We talked to local greenhouses and got discounts on plants and materials. We teamed up with the horticulture club, and they came up with a great design for the project. Here is a picture of the very loud air conditioner that is by the entrance to our career center.

Here is an after picture

These trees will continue to grow and provide a sight and sound barrier from this AC unit. All the employees at the career center are very grateful.

The other part of the project was a rain garden, which will keep puddles from forming and will also help clean the water. Here are some before pictures:


Some students hard at work:

The educational thank you sign

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