Monday, January 5, 2009

Minnetonka Biology Club

Minnetonka Biology Club in Minnetonka, MN has been active for about a year, but also existed in the past over a 5-year period. "The focus of Biology Club is academics....learning more about scientific techniques and applications...and having fun learning about science through field trips, speakers, and hands-on experiments. Students also have the opportunity to do individual or small group experiments to submit into scholarship competitions."

We have been busy in a collaboration with the FreshWater Society of Minnesota constructing a Rain Garden and creating adult and children's brochures about how to use/construct rain gardens. We occupy ourselves with quite a variety of activities, but this year's focus/theme has been water. Our next big project is to participate in the Fresh Water Society's "Water is Life" art contest; students are working on both still art and multimedia projects [some of which are being done in collaboration with our grade 5 partner classroom and a local senior living facility]!

Visit our web site:
Other Activities planned this year:
*Water quality testing
*Drinking Fountain Project/s
*Collaborative Research-Grade 5/Mr. Frank!
*NABT Biology Club
*Omnifest/Great Lakes
*Winter Camping
*Spring Canoe-Hike-Bike Trip
*Carleton Observatory/Sustainable Housing
*Organic farming tour/field trip
*Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
*Yeast Hyphal Growth
*Fresh Water Society Rain Garden
*Individual Research
*Science Lectures

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