Friday, January 16, 2009

Darwin Day

Hi Everyone,

Happy 2009! NABT has received a lot of compliments on the BioClubs and all your hard work. Thank you all for making this adventure to much fun.

As we enter the Year of Science, I'd like to promote what certain clubs are doing for special events like Darwin Day (February 12). You can get more information about the YoS at

I try to check the blog daily, but if you club is doing something extra special, please email directly at


Jacki at NABT

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Mrs. VH said...

Hey Jackie!

In my AP Bio class we are having a "birthday party" for Charles Darwin on the 12th and watching video clips about current evidence for evolution. I bought the video "Flock of Dodos" from and I have clips picked out from some HHMI Holiday lectures featuring Sean Carroll talking about Darwin's life and Ken Miller disucssing the Dover trial.

Kathy Van Hoeck