Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Notes From George

The BioClub is off to a great start with over thirty chapters now in existence, and one of those is in Canada! It is never too late to form a chapter, so please consider forming one right now—remember the great rewards that await you and your students as members of the BioClub adventure. Please take a look at all the postings on our blog to see what great things our members are doing with their students—they are impressive. Another impressive piece of information is that our BioClubs are reaching out to approximately one thousand students at this time—now that is really exciting; think of the impact the BioClub adventure is having on students.

Charlotte, NC is an interesting city, and I was lucky to visit it recently when I attended the National Science Teachers Association Area Conference. I presented a paper on the construction of respirometers to use in the classroom, and for some reason the BioClub adventure was incorporated into my presentation! I wonder how that became part of my presentation? This brings up another good reason for becoming a BioClub adviser. While there BioClub advisers Judy Jones from NC, Leann Iacuone from SC, and I had dinner at a local Italian restaurant. We had a great time, and Leann and I made plans to get our two chapters together for a field trip and some other functions during this school year. Judy and I made plans to co-present at next year’s NABT Conference in Denver, CO. It is nice to know that you have instant BioClub adviser friends no matter where you go to a meeting. If you have questions about the BioClub please e-mail me at, and I will quickly answer them. Of course if you would like to save time just complete the BioClub application and send it in—it could not be any easier! I hope to receive your application very soon. Till next time—George Sellers

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