Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whiting High School Bio Club Activities

The Whiting High School (Laramie, WY) chapter is in the process of getting themselves organized, and coming up with ideas for activities. We have elected officers. We meet every Tuesday at lunch time, and our numbers are growing from four students and two advisors, to ten students and two advisors. We are organizing a recycling program in the school. We have examined track casts that were provided by Wyoming Game and Fish, and learned to identify wildlife from their tracks. We will also learn about scat and furs, too. We are attempting to locate a sister school in another country. We will establish e-mail communications with that school, and possibly design some research projects that we can do together. Next time, we will post a picture!

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George Sellers said...

Jennie: Sounds like your group is off to a great start! I am located in South Carolina; perhaps we can work something out between our groups that we can exchange. Give it some thought.

Keep up the good work.