Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greetings from Kansas

Recently I learned of a web site where students and teachers could post science videos. I had a couple of lab groups make a video and get it posted. These were students who normally barely get by in class. Finally, I found something to motivate them and make them think about science and why they were doing a lab activity. The site is You need to sign up for a membership but it is free and easy.

They don't have very many life science videos yet. This could be a project that you could do with your BioClub members. Have fun and I'll be watching the site for new videos.

Best Regards,
Marysville High School
Marysville KS


George Sellers said...


Thanks for sharing this wonderful web-site. I really enjoyed watching your students work with the agar, and I am sure that they relished the idea of being on camera as well!!! Keep up the great work, and thanks again for the posting.


Kim said...

Thanks for watching their video George. I think those students were scared to death of the camera and their instructions were sort of muddled, but like I said it did get them interested and they repeated the lab a couple of times. At the time the video was made two of those girls were failing biology. Hard to believe but they've now turned their grades around. I somehow think making the video and me trying to help them along with it changed their attitude.