Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great Plains Lutheran HS BioClub


Glad to be involved. Our school is located in Watertown, SD, in the NE part of the state. Our school is small (120) but I have quite a few bio-interested students.
Echoing the thoughts of others, this is the only club in existence to my knowledge with a national presence, making my students interested. I will use this as the overarching group for all our science activities. We have a quiz bowl day, two science fairs, and a Roots and Shoots group, but this one can be for all members with the other groups being served from it. It makes it easier for me and better for them.
My question regards t-shirts - is there a logo for NABT BioClub or is the phrase what there is for now? Do others just put BioClub on as their identifier?
Thanks for any/all input.
Greg Diersen

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Kim said...

Yes Greg there is a BioClub logo. You can check it out at George Sellers had some nice t-shirts for sale at the NABT conference in Memphis, perhaps he still has some of those left with the BioClub logo on them. I'm sure he'll be checking in on the blog soon.