Monday, October 19, 2009


The Northridge High School NABT club is focusing on environmental issues. The 63 members just did a fundraiser and made almost $500 to support the paper recycling program that was started last year. Mountain High Shredding is emptying the bins every month for $30. The kids have continued and expanded the cans and plastic bottle recycling to include the middle school. By the end of this year, both programs should be totally in place. A volunteer from the community is helping to take the recyclables to the bins for the middle school's students. A trash pick up was completed Saturday (October 17) and 8 bags of trash were collected from US 20. The kids are planning a field trip to a zoo to study their endangered species programs sometime this year. We also are talking about taking a group to Washington for the Earth Day 40 Celebration in April of 2010. The students are very dedicated and doing a great job.

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