Sunday, October 18, 2009

East Chapel Hill Looks Forward to a Busy Year

Our Science Club (which includes the Biology Club) has gotten off to a rip-roaring start. We have great leadership - a lot of young women this time! But, we also have some great young men. Our Biology Club leader is Rachel Hainline and she will be posting here occasionally. The students just finished a Friday night of making slime and then loading the wonderful stuff into plastic eggs (with a dinosaur included). Then on Saturday (at our annual "walk for education", the Science Clubbers manned (and womaned) a booth where young children got to throw darts at a balloon board to win "dinosaur eggs". It was very popular and brought in 170 dollars for our club. It was a cold day so the cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows for 50 cents helped also!

The money will help with our 4 teams of 18 students each that we are taking to the Regional Science Olympiad in February. We also have 2 teams of students competing in the Science Bowl and 2 teams of students competing in the Blue Heron (Ocean) Bowl in later January and early February. One subgroup of clubbers does Science Dayz - where they take little science lessons to after school programs. And another offshoot of club members does the Space Settlement Competition. They were part of the National Winners this past year.

Of course biology is a big part of these competitions. We count on our biology students to study hard for various events!

It will be an active year!

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