Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Science Behind the News: An Online Flu Virus Lecture Hosted by the Darwin Facebook Group

Friday May 8 at 1pm Eastern time zone

Pre-register *now* to reserve your spot for this important, complimentary webinar with special guest scientists like:

- Professor Derek Smith, Professor of Infections Disease, Cambridge
University, advisor to the World Health Organization, and a leading
specialist on the flu virus. Copy and Paste these links for more information:

- Jonathan Yewdell, MD PhD, Laboratory Head, Laboratory of Viral
Disease, National Institutes of Health, and an international expert
on the flu virus and a well respected leader in science education.

- Dr. Tallman, Cleveland Clinic. Featured in the media this week,
Dr. Tallman will be able to answer questions from attendees about
the medical and clinical aspects of this swine flu outbreak.

Several others may join us including from Mexico.

This event is being hosted by the 250,000+ members of the Darwin
Facebook group and the Reading Odyssey, an informal community
dedicated to public reading, learning and discussion of science,
literature, philosophy - i.e. the big ideas of humanity.

Special thanks to the sponsors of this webinar: Citrix Online, The Cleveland Clinic, Constant Contact, Life Technologies, Scientific American.

For future events, register for our Darwin group newsletter here:

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