Friday, May 8, 2009

End of Year Updating

Thanks to the framework of BioClub! It gave me - and my students an excuse to prepare better for science fairs (2) our Science Bowl, and the Science Olympiad. Having a regular meeting that the students were in charge of and responsible for holding gave them the ownership in the process. I surveyed them about their year and their unanimous suggestion was for continuous meetings from September through March. (we had success meeting from Jan. onward) We'll see how it goes in the future.
For me and my students - knowing that other science-interested students are "out there" and actively treating science as an extra-curricular activity is compelling for us.

Greg Diersen Great Plains Lutheran HS

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bioclub said...


You have certainly captured the true meaning and reason for having a NABT BioClub chapter. I am so glad that the year was a huge success for you and your group. Please give my thanks to your students, tell them to have a great summer, and tell them that we all look forward to hearing about their experiences again during the next school year.