Thursday, February 5, 2009


The students of my BioClub (SCOPE) made arrangements with a portable shredding company to totally sponsor our school-wide paper recycling project. Mountain High Shredding is providing small bins for individual teachers and big bins for final collection. My SCOPE recycling committee is responsible for gathering the bins once a week and dragging them out to the curb to be emptied. Since the paper will be shredded, the confidentiality of the papers will be insured. We are advertising the company for free and sponsoring a community wide paper recycling project on April 25th. Mountain High Shredding will bring a portable shredder to the parking lot and charge 25 cents a pound for shredding personal/business paper for anyone who wants to get rid of stuff.
Our BioClub also purchased 6 big trash cans from Target, and my husband drilled holes in the tops for cans and plastic bottles. It only cost us $86 to do this, and the students are emptying them as needed and taking them to the public recycling dumpsters in town.

We made over $600 on our T-shirt sale that will be used for our Earth Week activities. The students are interested in doing water testing in the spring, so I will be using my Carolina certificates for those materials.

As you can see, my students are very active, and they are doing some great things for their school and for their community.

Dawn Kessler

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Xedra77 said...

Wow! This is a fantastic opportunity. You are so lucky to have a company near by that's willing to work with you.